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Why buy an additional domain name

The very first domain name ever registered was Symbolics.com on March 15, 1985. Since then over 288 million domain names have been registered worldwide. The .com and .net domain extensions account for approx 130.6 million domain names – which is not surprising since for many years there was only a small number extensions such as .COM and .NET available for people to choose from.

However, times have changed. Since February 2014 hundreds of new domain names extensions – known as GTLDs – have been released.

These new domains include extensions such as .club, .restaurant, .cricket, .plumber, .photographer, .london, .dentist, etc. Names that are more niche and enable the people registering them to target a more focused audience.


But I’ve already got a domain name……..

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have been registering these new domain name extensions and setting up websites for them e.g. www.Coffee.club. The good news is there is now a much larger choice of domain name extensions for you to choose from. You now have a much better chance to get a unique domain extension of your choice.

With a much larger number of domain name extensions now available, you now have a great opportunity to get yourself a fantastic new domain name – one that describes exactly what you do, and helps you target your desired audience.These new extensions will give you a web address with meaning.


Why you should register an additional domain name:

  • Get noticed – there is a lot of competition out there. Get a relevant, memorable domain name and let everybody know what you’re involved in.
  • Boost your online presence – Tell people exactly what you do e.g. YourName.builder, YourName.plumber, etc
  • Widen your brand – You don’t have to be limited to only one domain name. Thousands of businesses have registered additional domain names to promote other services/products that they offer – why don’t you join them?


SEARCH FOR YOUR NEW DOMAIN NAME >> Visit our Domain Names page, type in the domain name you are interested in and see all of the hundreds of different types of extensions that are available for you to choose from e.g. .club, .photo, .wales, .scot, .london, .science, .pub, etc…..


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