(update 6th April 2088 – Customers who were affected who require the official service¬†interruption notice, please contact support.) If you’re a customer then you’ve seen this I hope.¬† I sent it to all of our customer account contacts earlier this afternoon.¬† Of course, you may have been affected and we’re not on the distribution list,… Keep Reading

I had an enquiry yesterday regarding the necessity for encrypted emails to be GDPR compliant. O_O It was so out of the blue that it left me speechless for a moment, before realising where the request was coming from. Sure enough, a further Google/DuckDuckGo/Bing/Weapon Of Choice suggests that this is a common issue or query… Keep Reading

This is a short article on the use of /etc/hosts – often referred to by our engineers as an edit, entry, or change to your “etcetera hosts” file. It is the simplest, most reliable, long lived solution to site previewing. The /etc/hosts file overrides DNS lookups. As such the world can look up your website… Keep Reading