Back in February Google let everyone know in a blog article that their Chrome browser would start treating sites that were still delivered over HTTP (as opposed to HTTPS) differently. Time is an odd thing. When I read advisories for 2020 I tend to discount them because “by then, we will all be in silver… Keep Reading

(update 6th April 2088 – Customers who were affected who require the official service interruption notice, please contact support.) If you’re a customer then you’ve seen this I hope.  I sent it to all of our customer account contacts earlier this afternoon.  Of course, you may have been affected and we’re not on the distribution list,… Keep Reading

I had an enquiry yesterday regarding the necessity for encrypted emails to be GDPR compliant. O_O It was so out of the blue that it left me speechless for a moment, before realising where the request was coming from. Sure enough, a further Google/DuckDuckGo/Bing/Weapon Of Choice suggests that this is a common issue or query… Keep Reading

This is a short article on the use of /etc/hosts – often referred to by our engineers as an edit, entry, or change to your “etcetera hosts” file. It is the simplest, most reliable, long lived solution to site previewing. The /etc/hosts file overrides DNS lookups. As such the world can look up your website… Keep Reading

The Meltdown & Spectre vulnerabilities are very much all over the technical media – but are yet to make the real news. The impacts are threefold: Spectre Variant 1: bounds check bypass (CVE-2017-5753) Spectre Variant 2: branch target injection (CVE-2017-5715) Meltdown Variant 3: rogue data cache load (CVE-2017-5754) The vulnerability was discovered by Google’s Project Zero, a new class… Keep Reading

  Hosting UK has been made aware of a suspected vulnerability in Intel’s CPU architecture affecting their processors as well as those from AMD and ARM. This hardware is used in customer solutions across the Hosting UK environment. Our priority as always is to protect our customers’ services. Our engineering team is, therefore, speaking to… Keep Reading