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GDPR Update

Changes we’ve made

The General Data Protection Regulation’s (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May and as with all things well planned, there’s been the inevitable last-minute scramble to get those last few things checked off.

We’ve got a few things to do still, but we’re sure customers are keen to know how we’ve been preparing ourselves, and as you can imagine, there have been a few things to do.  Here are a few of the things we’ve been doing:

GDPR contract addendum

If you’re a dedicated server or colocation customer, you’ll have had a copy of the GDPR addendum via DocuSign.  The addendum sets out the framework within the contract for our respective responsibilities for compliance with the new regulations.  For clarity, you should have had a separate addendum per contract or server.

This change affects all of our customers though, so if you’re a customer with any other service, generally shared services that come under our online terms and conditions, the addendum has now been added to our terms and conditions page updating those terms.

Privacy Policy

We’ve updated our privacy policy, adding some downloads that may assist customers with their own journey, and also set out what information we collect, what we do with it and other pertinent information.

Cookie Policy

Our cookie policy has been updated to detail our use of cookies and details relating to opting out.

Domain Registration Terms

Many customers are not aware that when they register a domain name they enter into not only an agreement with ourselves under our standard terms but also with the domain registry that operates that particular domain name.

We’ve now added a specific section of our terms and conditions pages that deal with those registrations and registry agreements.  It’s pretty lengthy, by necessity I’m afraid.


Our web-based chat client now includes a GDPR specific statement and consent tick box.  It also includes an option to opt into our newsletter and promotions list.


When you sign up as a new customer you’ll be given the opportunity to opt out of marketing emails and text notifications.  You’ve always been able to opt out of marketing emails of course but we’ve been doing some additional house keeping.

Opting out of newsletter & marketing emails

We’re in the final process of cleaning up our marketing email list.

Between now and 24th May we’ll be sending reminders to update your preferences.  If you don’t specifically agree to receive our newsletter and promotional emails by then you’ll be removed from the list.  We don’t tend to bombard our customers with newsletters or marketing emails anyway, but if you don’t opt in, all you’ll get from us in that regard is silence.

On a personal note, can I ask you to opt-in?  I get a lot of emails, and by a lot I mean; seriously, A LOT.  With GDPR coming I’m hoping that is going to reduce quite a bit, but as we don’t generally send you anything unless it’s a decent deal or is properly newsworthy, maybe opting in wouldn’t be too much of a bad thing?

You can sign up for our newsletter right here.

Non-marketing email

We’ll carry on contacting you via email or SMS for non-marketing related things, such as service announcements, sending you your regular bills, support emails etc.  These are still OK under GDPR.

Your Data

Off course you know we hold data about you in order to service your account, supply you with services and for financial purposes.  More information on that is contained in our Privacy Policy, however, please do remember that we rely on you very much to keep your data up to date.

If the information we hold on you is inaccurate or incomplete, you can update it via the portals at https://billing.hostinguk.net  and https://www.myhostcp.com/cp/

Please do log in and check that on a regular basis.  One of the most common things we hear is “but I didn’t get your emails because I changed my email address ages ago”, to which our answer is always “but you didn’t tell us!”.  We know, with accounts everywhere it’s a real job to stay on top of that, but you’re account and service is important to you isn’t it?

Likewise, please do remove contacts from your account if they are no longer with your company or no longer need to be on your account.  It’s good security practice to review that every so often.

Support PINs

A few months ago, we began updating our verification procedures.  If you’ve contacted us, you’ll have noticed we ask you for your support PIN.  You’ll find that displayed in whichever portal you log into.  In https://www.myhostcp.com/cp/ you’ll find the support pin at the top of the screen and at http://billing.hostinguk.net it’s on the left of the screen when you log in.  The PINs will change from time to time, so it’s worth checking it before you contact us.

You’ll need to quote the support PIN each time you contact us about anything that requires we discuss your account (so pretty much every time).

If you can’t quote it for some reason, we’ll need to take you through alternate security checks before we can provide assistance.

So we’re ready then?

Pretty much.  There’s been a lot going on in the background and while there are still a few bits to finish off, we’re pretty much there.