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Secure Payments

As part of our continual focus on Security at HostingUK, we recently upgraded our payment platform.  This was in preparation for changes coming in March 2022 and relates to big improvements in how we all process & use credit/payment cards in the UK and Europe. It’s something called SCA (Secure Card Authentication).

From March 2022, SCA will come will be enforced by banks, which means we all get far more protection whenever we transact online. 

SCA? What’s all this now?

SCA is basically a system that puts everyone in control of payments for example, you may have had to authorise payments on your mobile phone recently – that’s SCA rolling out across the land.

What do you need to do?

Add a new card to your account or make sure you update and save changes to your payment card on the account, even if they are correct and in date. Doing this ensures continuity of service and by updating them online, your transactions will be protected by SCA.

Here is how to do it.

Visit our control panel and click on billing, and Payment methods….

Where to update payment methods in the control panel

Select your card(s)

How to edit your payment methods

Press “Save Changes”

Where to edit your card number

It’s as simple as that!

By doing this you will ensure continuity of service AND have an assurance that your payments are ready for Secure Card Authentication.

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