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Customer Satisfaction at 93%

2013 Survey Results Are In

Thank you to everyone who took part in the 2013 Hosting UK customer survey.  We really appreciate the high number of surveys completed (308) and are very pleased with the results and the excellent comments we received.

Overall Service Satisfaction

A total of 93% of customers felt that they are Satisfied with the service they receive, showing that the majority of customers are pleased with Hosting UK services overall, of which 27% are Always Satisfied and 47% of customers said that they are Very Satisfied.

Overall Customer Service Rating

Over 76% of survey participants are happy with the level of customer service they receive from Hosting UK rating either Excellent or Very Good. And a further 20% rating customer service as Good.


Nearly 93% of customers find Hosting UK’s pricing either very or quite competitive.  A number of supporting comments provided did imply that although some customers were aware that pricing can be found cheaper elsewhere, they are happy to stay with Hosting UK due to quality service they receive.

Value for Money

Almost 95% of survey respondents believe that Hosting UK do offer value for money. This is a very positive sign that our customers perceive Hosting UK to be competitive, trust worthy and definitely worth sticking with.

Likelihood to purchase again

With 67% of customers saying they either definitely would or very likely would purchase again from Hosting UK, this indicates that customers are very happy with their current services, the customer support they receive and also with Hosting UK’s pricing.

Recommend Us

Over 93% of customers say they would recommend Hosting UK to their friends and colleagues alike. This supports the stats showing that customers are very satisfied, happy with the service and support they receive would buy from Hosting UK again.


With a large number of varying suggestions and comments submitted, the majority related to the matter of better integration of systems and account, as well as improved all-round simplification and management of the control panel.

Needless to say – we are investigating and planning improvements surrounding all of your comments !

Example customer comments include:

“I have some accounts on the old system. I would like to have everything together in one account. It would be so much simpler.”

“More DNS record templates; e.g. proper fields for SRV records as Office 365 and Lync become used more.”

“Simplification of the various login. Warning about SSL certificates expiry.”

“Sometimes it takes me a while to find what I am looking for on the current control panels.”

“Buttons to add standard free CMS’s like Joomla and ZenCart to domains and or sub domains.”

“Easier way to see network service status information.”

“I would like to be able to access server usage logs via FTP so that downloads can be automated.”

“A PDF or website page telling novices how to remove your placeholder and put in their code for their own.”


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