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What is Periscope?

Periscope is a new app that lets you share and experience live video from your mobile phone – to anybody who wants to watch. The company was recently acquired by Twitter for $100 million, and over the past few months its popularity has exploded on the internet.

People can watch your live video streams on their mobiles, tablets, laptop or PC desktops. Plus, once the video is over there is a recording of it which is kept for 24 hours, which people can access if they missed the live video.


Why would you want to use it?

With Periscope your customers, potential customers, fans, subscribers, etc will be able to watch your live videos and interact with you – and other people watching.

Video is a very powerful medium to communicate with your followers – but having the capability to provide live streaming, which allows people to interact is proving very popular. You’d be surprised at how many people enjoy tuning into live video streams.

If you want to increase the popularity of your website, or grow your business then you should be investigating Periscope – testing it out and finding out if it works for you.

With more people having access to smartphones than ever before, and with video streaming speeds continuing to increase, the popularity of apps such as Periscope is likely to increase.


Who is using Periscope?

Numerous celebrities and brands are using Periscope to promote themselves, their products, their services and their brands. For example, businesses are using Periscope’s live video streams for product demonstrations, which can help boost conversions – particularly when a new product has just been launched.

It can also be used to share customer feedback, offer discounts, Q&A sessions or announce breaking news such as promotions, product updates or changes, etc. Various companies are using Periscope to provide a live streaming video which gives a behind the scenes look while they attend conferences or events.

For example, some fashion companies have been using Periscope to interview their models while back stage at their fashion shows – which helps create a buzz around the event and interact with their fans – all of which helps build a relationship with their audience.

All types of businesses and organisations are using Periscope to promote what they’re doing – such as Visit Scotland which ran a live Periscope video stream giving viewers a tour of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile to help promote the Edinburgh Festival:



What does it look like?

Periscope will display fairly similarly to viewers, no matter what they are watching it on – their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop, etc. It will show a video screen, which will display comments live made by viewers that have logged in to the live video stream. Hearts act as applause to show the broadcaster you like what you’re seeing. Hearts measure popularity on Periscope.

Below is a recording of a live Periscope video stream made by tennis player Roger Federer, giving a behind the scenes walking tour of the Wimbledon tennis tournament:


While the quality of the video is not as polished, slick or edited as videos you can plan beforehand – it’s the fact that its live, and gives a “behind the scenes” feel that your followers will enjoy, it’s a quick way to update your audience, bring them into your world, let them interact by asking questions live, making comments live, giving you feedback, etc – all of which will help build a relationship and create loyal fans.


How do you get Periscope?

If you are an iPhone user then you can download Periscope from the App Store. Android users should go to the Play Store – visit www.Periscope.tv for more info.


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