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Update. Update. Update.

Lets stop for a moment and re-visit the importance of patching your CMS and what can happen if you do not.

Why? Because the trends are not changing. In fact, they are stagnant. Put in overly simplistic terms would you go out and leave your house, shop, warehouse unlocked? No, probably not. Your website – well – apparently so. The majority of updates we see day in day out are for security vulnerabilities that have been discovered – or again – in simple terms – ways of ‘getting in’.

If you want to keep The Wolf on the other side of the door, then keeping on top of these things is a must – otherwise you really are waiting on ‘when’ not ‘if’.

We try our very best to do as much as we can to protect you – however there comes a point where you need to take ownership and update things when they need it.

For the Linux platforms – to which these CMS (content management system) platforms are mostly native we see the following distributions here in January 2017:

– 66% WordPress

– 17% Joomla

– 8% Drupal

The kicker here is that what we are seeing that a shocking 80% of CMS installs have not been updated by the administrators. They are out of date. They are insecure. They are the when, not if.

All of these platforms will notify the admin user that there is an update to apply.

We also will email you (on the shared Linux platforms) if we find anything that has been considered unsafe and has been neutered – and equally – if not more so important if you need to take action and update your CMS. These updates bring new features, optimizations, and fixes to known threats.

If you are putting off updating your website for some reason, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal – drop support an email and talk to us. We can probably advise you if not help.


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