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Take back control!

Your Website, YOUR Business.

You lock your office door when you go out.

You control your Business and personal bank account.

Why would you not control your Hosting space for your on-line presence?

Websites and email are essential for the operation of a modern business – whether a single contractor, garage owner, decorator or even a training company with 20 staff.

If you outsource the design and development of your website to others, this can leave you in a difficult position in the future.

Nearly all Designers and developers will only be re-selling services from genuine Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) such as ourselves – dealing direct is likely to save you money.

We have been supporting clients across the entire business spectrum for over 20 years – it is not uncommon for developers and designers to change companies, change roles, even careers in the space of 2 years, removing the reliability you need from a partner.

There is no reason why you cannot have direct ownership of the hosting space and service with ourselves, and still give access to your developers.

This ensures you have control of the critical services in the event that your relationship with the designer changes.

Save time and money by consolidation of your services with Hosting UK – this will also give you clarity and direct ease of management.

If you intend to sell your business, your services are neatly controlled.

If you wish to change designers or developers, you already have control and ownership of your content and can change their access, no need to constantly move hosts.

Visit our website for more information on our shared web hosting packages, virtual private servers, enterprise-class emaildedicated servers,  otherwise, contact us to go over any of this and move forward with greater security.

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