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Rosettes on my email?

Following up on my earlier article about deployment of LET’S ENCRYPT within Linux Plesk and cPanel, and with an angle towards Encryption Everywhere or at the very least by default… did you know there were free S/MIME certificates out there for non business use? Well there are!

Major brands (such as COMODO) provide these to help improve communications and privacy. Without going full on with GPG/PGP – SMIME is supported by the majority of email clients and smart devices, and has the added bonus of your email arriving with a little rosette against it… it has to be worth it for that alone!

Whether you are looking to encrypt, or simply digitally sign (allowing the receiving user to have a good level of confidence that it is both you, AND that it has not been changed in storage or transit) – it may be something you want to look into.

If you have any questions about GPG/PGP S/MIME TLS DKIM SPF or similar regarding your services with ourselves – do not hesitate to get in touch. Security and privacy matter.

Important Bit: There may be other services out there – this is simply an example. Our relationship with COMODO is one of an end customer only.


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