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Put your money where your mouse is

There has never been a better time to buy a local domain. The last 12 months has seen the release of numerous geo-specific domain names, such as the ones listed below.

If you or your customers are based in these areas, then we highly recommend you register one of them. You don’t need to replace your existing web address – you can instead use it to for example set up a secondary website, that focuses on a specific audience.

Have a look and choose your preferred local domain name such as the ones listed below:


Shorter & sharper. Mobile & search engine friendly – A new, more ‘distinctly UK’ domain name extension. Show you are part of the UK with a shorter, sharper .UK domain name.
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This new domain extension can help connect the global Irish community. By the 21st century, an estimated 80 million people worldwide claimed some Irish descent; which includes more than 36 million Americans who claim Irish as their primary ethnicity. Show you’re Irish with this new extension. 
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.Cymru / .Wales

Showcase your Welsh credentials – Create a truly welsh space online with .cymru and .wales, the two new domain name extensions. Additionally, on an international level there is a Welsh diaspora of over 16 million – so again a .wales or .cymru has the potential to connect to a large audience.
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Show you’re part of Scotland – The .scot domain name extension will provide an internet address for people & businesses in Scotland. The .scot domain name gives people, organisations and businesses the opportunity to clearly identify themselves as Scottish. The domain name extension is also an ideal branding tool for anyone who want to appeal directly to the Scottish audience.
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The new domain for London – .london is a new top web address that launched in 2014. Show you are part of London with a great new name. London is a global city, welcoming people from around the world. The Dot London domain will equally serve & welcome people online, from all over the globe. Identify youself directly with London – perfect for businesses, organisations and individuals. It is also a memorable and distinctive web address.
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Expand your brand

Stand out from the competition with a relevant, memorable domain – tell the world what you’re about. Enhance your online presence. Let people know exactly what it is you do e.g. YourName.London, etc.

Expand your brand. Don’t limit yourself

To search for a new domain name – including numerous “local” domains, visit our Domain Names page or call 01745 586 070 to speak to one of our advisers.

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