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Why hacked eMail is a big deal.

I was sent this article over today by a colleague – and thought it was well worth sharing here.

So – you use two factor authentication, you use long passwords, high entropy you … well you know what think again – social engineering is very much alive and well – someone to let them in the backdoor.

Touching on the last article and the need to get confirmations from old and new contacts (this time in a far more positive light).

Sure – we are not all successful channel owners – but stop and think… what would you lose. Social media, email, contacts, infection, internet of things, periodic orders, super market accounts, PayPal – the list goes on.

If it sometimes sounds like we can be a little full on when you report your site compromised… or are a little jobsworth when it comes to “your name is not on the authorised contact list” or “please email in from the authorized account”… it is purely diligence – this kind of thing happens. More over the low focus low skill automated attacks are occurring right now, all day, every day.

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