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Problems with gb.com

It seems there are issues with CentralNic and the gb.com domain name suffix as the name servers for the domain have been pointed away from CentralNic.

We first became aware when customers with that extension raised support tickets as their domains were not working.  Since then we’ve become aware that the gb.com domain has been taken over by another party.  The full circumstances of why or how are very sketchy however a statement was posted on the CentralNic reseller portal, a copy of which is below:

Statement regarding GB.COM, 2011-07-30

Posted by Gavin Brown on 2011-07-30 17:19:43

Unfortunately, the service CentralNic has been providing for domains ending .gb.com has been interrupted. We are currently taking legal advice about this and will be taking urgent steps to restore the service, but we cannot achieve that instantly.

Therefore, if your customers’ service has been interrupted and you have an urgent need for resumption of the service it may be in their interests in order to avoid or mitigate loss, to sign up to the service offered by “GB.Com Limited,” promoted on some interrupted sites, for a temporary period.

In so writing we do not acknowledge that GB.Com Limited has any entitlement to provide the service they are offering and nor do we take any responsibility for the service you may receive from them, but we are writing to you on a pragmatic basis and putting your interests as our customers ahead of our own.

At no time has this incident affected any other domain suffixes operated by CentralNic.

If you have any questions relating to this matter, please email info@centralnic.com.

Clearly there is a serious problem which it seems may be possibly related to the actual ownership of the .gb.com domain which may have been leased / loaned / to CentralNic by GB.Com Limited although that is purely speculation on our part.

In the meantime we have withdrawn .gb.com from sale and have further removed renewal options until further notice although other domain types are unaffected.  We will act to assist all of our affected customers where we can by liasing with GB.com Ltd.  We hope this way to return those affected domains to online status.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely.

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