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Tell me about the free things!

Between now and the end of the month – we are offering .uk domain names, for two years, for those of you LUCKY enough to have the .co.uk version of the same domain name with us.

Sorry what?

Yes, Nominet, .co.uk domains with us, you can have a .uk domain free, gratis, no cost, nothing.

There has to be a catch? No, not really – just a few things you need:

  • .CO.UK domain name registered through Hosting UK;
  • A need for the .UK version of the same domain for two years;
  • The promo code FREEUK.

So what is the limitation – well – only that you need to do this before the end of the month, before Tuesday. So with nothing to lose – grab the domain, do something with it, see what it looks like, you know you want to. Get to it : )

The following release was sent out earlier today:

Don’t miss out on your free .uk domain name

You have the exclusive right to the .uk version of any .co.uk names 100% FREE for two years.

By securing these domains you WILL protect your option to use them for two years and save £12.98 for each domain you protect!

How to get your .uk domain name for free

1. Log into your control panel at https://billing.hostinguk.net first

2. Once logged in click on CLAIM YOUR .UK in the menu bar or click here

3. Enter the .uk domain name you want to register and follow the instructions.

4. Make sure you choose 2 years as the period you wish to register the domain for and enter promo code: FREEUK in the promo code box.

5 . Register the domain name for free!

Note: You must have the equivalent .co.uk .org.uk .me.uk domain name already registered with Hosting UK to qualify for this offer. Offer ends on 31st October 2017.

What will happen if I don’t?

Remember, if you do not secure these domains, they will be on the OPEN market in June 2019. Meaning any rights you have to your matching .uk domain will expire and anyone can register it. Your domain in .uk will be picked up and could be used for spamming, used by a competitor or even a dissatisfied customer. And from what we hear in the domain community, there are a LOT of people waiting to bulk register good domain names when they are released. In short, you may lose them.

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