Ever wondered how you deal with long DKIM records? Because if you think you can just stick that bad boy in a text field, chances are that is going to fail. Horribly. There is an RFC (Request for Comments – or internet adopted standard) that says that TXT fields within a DNS zone need to… Keep Reading

Every now and then – something goes wrong. Such is the nature of engineering and the best laid plans. Sometimes there is a spanner in the works, sometimes someone has placed many spanners in many works – such is the world we live in. Thankfully we are here to make sure we recover from this… Keep Reading

..or so it seems from a support point of view. Something we are seeing echoed across the marketplace. This is part one of a two piece article – lets talk about the most obvious and wider reaching implication that effects shared hosting – spam, and blacklisting. The trouble that comes from outbound spam that originates… Keep Reading

A long time ago in an office far far away a wise older SysAdmin once imparted this gem of information to me: “Backups are worthless. Restorations and options – they are golden.“ You never really properly learn how much this is achingly true until you are wondering where your data went, and where you are… Keep Reading

The Heartbleed Bug

The Heartbleed Bug You may have heard the news yesterday of the Heartbleed Bug, a serious vulnerability in Open SSL. The bug allows malicious clients to view chunks of decrypted system memory. This can be used to build a picture of the contents of your systems RAM which in turn could be used to find… Keep Reading