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While domain extensions such as .com and .net are popular and can benefit a website, if you are based in the UK or want to attract a UK audience, then you do not want to overlook a British domain name.  Domain names are a fundamental part of the internet.  Without a domain name you won’t have a use-friendly email address or website.  Millions of individuals and businesses now use domain names.  Domain names help provide an identity to a website – whether it’s for a personal brand or a business website wanting to attract customers.

.uk domain names from Hosting UK

.UK Frequently Asked Questions

.uk domain names from Hosting UK

What is the new .UK domain name extension?

Sitting alongside the ever popular domain name, the new .UK is shorter, sharper and mobile friendly. The new .UK is provided by Nominet, the organisation behind the domain name. With over 10 million domain names registered and managed, you know your name is in safe hands.

I am an existing customer with HostingUK - can I get the shorter version?

Yes, we are working on a new system that guarantees you will get the shorter version, don’t worry – no one else will be able to get it.

What are the rules for successful adoption of my shorter version?

If you have registered the version before the 28th October 2013 (and still own it) then you have the option to buy the new .UK version of your domain name. If you have the version registered with HostingUK, we will be sending all of our loyal customers details on how to take advantage of this.

Can someone else register my version?

No, not if you have owned it since before October 28th 2013, Nominet will also be keeping your right to this domain for 5 years.

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