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Contract Options

First choose your payment terms. Discounts apply to annual and Bi-Annual payment terms.

Hardware Options

For maximum flexibility, you can customise your server to meet your requirements.

Your servers processor determines how quickly it will process instructions.
The faster the processor you have installed, the quicker your server will perform.

In conjunction with the processor of a server, the memory is also of relevance to the performance of the server.

The more memory you provide for the server, the less it will need to swap items in to disk (it's swapfile) and as a result the server will perform faster.

The hard disk is where the operating system and all programs and storage files are stored on the server.

The hard disks are listed in terms of total storage, type, form factor and speed in RPM (revolutions per minute).

The items of note are size and speed. The larger the disk, the more room is available or your own files and the faster it is, the less time the computer will need to wait to access files therfore contributing to overall system performance.

RAID 1 allows you to mirror the contents of one drive to another to allow for hardware failures (RAID 1). Note: RAID 1 will require the selection of at least 2 hard disks of equal size (above)

O.S. & Software Options

Your server will need an operating system (either Linux or Microsoft Windows) and you may need additional software such as a database system or control panel. You can choose these options below.

What operating system would you like on your server? All OSes are 64-bit.

Your choice of operating system will reflect how you will manage your server and the software that you will run on that server.

Two types of operating system are listed, Linux and Windows.

Note: Under the new Microsoft licencing rules if you plan to run virtualised operating systems on Windows 2016 you must licence Data Center Edition or otherwise licence each virtualised operating system.

Would you like a control panel for your server?

A control panel can simplify the administration of your server for website hosting.

If you require a database system installed on your server select it below.

If you need Microsoft Remote Desktop Services access for more than 1 concurrent user then you will need Additional Licences.

Connectivity and Network Security

You will need IP addresses and connectivity for your server as well as firewall protection.

All servers are connected to our highspeed resiliant network, choose how much bandwidth you require in total.

How many IP Addresses do you require? Blocks larger than 5 (/29) will require justification, please specify this in the "Additional Notes" section.

We protect your server as standard with our own firewalls. If you require a dedicated hardware firewall instead.

Management and Data Security

Choose how you will mnage your server and protect your data.

A KVM Over IP allows you to access your server as if you were sat directly infront of it with a keyboard, monitor and mouse. A Dell iDRAC has the further advantage of fully integrating with your server so that you can access low level functions such as the BIOS and also enables you to mount remote media to your server, as well as providing all of the normal KVM functions.

Protecting your server with a server anti-virus product is a must to ensure your server does not get infected by malware from web sites you may access or files that are uploaded or downloaded to your server.

Without server management, our staff will only look after hardware and networking issues with the server.

To compare server management levels see our management levels page.

SpamExperts Enterprise anti-spam and antivirus filters your email ensuring that bothersome email SPAM and dangerous viruses dont reach you.

You remain in full control with access to a control panel where you can fine tune your own rules, set up blacklists and whitelists and manage your email.

The system also provides protection for those times when your email server is offline perhaps due to maintenance as it will continue to store mail and will even let you send mail in an emergency.

Our Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Service is a near continuous backup solution which provides the ultimate server protection. On the first backup a full backup is taken of the chosen data, which should ideally be a full system image. Then at selected intervals the system replicates changed data providing snapshots at each period in time.

By default this creates hourly backups for a day, daily backups for a week and weekly backups for a month, and monthly backups for 1 year. If more frequent backups, up to a maximum of 15 minutes apart, and with retention of up to a year are required this can be arranged seperately subject to qualification.

If a restore is ever required the data can be selected from any of the backup points.

This is a fully managed solution, monitored and maintained by Hosting UK engineers and is only available as managed when taken with a dedicated server.

N.B. You should choose sufficient storage to cover your entire projected data sorage requirements.

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